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Walk-In Keg Pricing

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Thank you for choosing Tramonte’s for your beverage needs. You do not need to place an order with us, we are first come first serve.
You may pick up your keg anytime MondayFriday from 8am to 5pm.
Our kegs carry a $30 deposit and our taps are $1.07 with a $45 deposit. When you return your keg and tap please bring the receipt to ensure full deposit credit.
There is NO time limit for returns, please enjoy your beer!
The full price with tap and deposits is reflected in the far right column, remember you will get $75 back.
The middle column is keg only, so you will get your $30 deposit back when the keg is returned.
We also have ice in 22lb bags for $3.99,  and we also sell cups (50 for $3)
We also have monthly keg specials.
Stop in today and let us serve you !